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Alright, kid, here's the basics.

This Wiki exists to detail the always growing Minecraft server: Daexsys! We're a server that does all sorts of different things such as: an Adventure world called Tesurra, PvP, Survival (Both PvP and PvE only), Creative, and our own custom Mini-Games! The server is owned by one of the coolest cats in town: Cactose. Wondering why his name is what it is? Good for you, you can forget about it. We have a few Admins on the server. As of now we have three as a matter of fact. Cactose, Macorian, and yours truly Epicmarkvan. After which follows our Moderators: artemisiea, Gcckiller, LOL64o, FluffehNerf, and PediaM. That's our staff, get it? Got it? Good. What's that? You want to know more about us? Fine, you'll see it all below.

Meet The Daexsys Administrators

So, here it is for ya. We The Admins, of the Daexsys Co.:

Cactose: Sometimes goes by the name of Xenodyr. He's a nice guy who can code you into the ground so fast your you'll be digging if statements out of your hair for weeks. He's been playing MC since the old days before Steve had a bed to rest his head on. Oh, and he is also the leader of the Tessura faction: The Free States.

Macorian: Mac here is one of the best builders we have on Daexsys! The Master of Skulls is not on all that often, but when he is he will almost always have some project he is working on. As the leader of the Tessuran faction Skeleta, he has built all within it's mighty walls.

Epicmarkvan: Mark, hmm what to say about Mark. Well for one he is the leader of the prestigious faction: The Kingdom of Vincentia. Pretty cool name right? He is  a good person who sometimes gets mad a little too easy. He's an alright builder, and has lots of practice in the art of WorldEdit server crashing. One of the best things about him is the fact that he is almost always willing to help anyone whom needs him.

Meet our Moderators!

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